Move b!tch, get out the way.

I know that most of the time in these blogs I tend to talk about things I hate. Like Ketchup, Snookie, Old people who don’t know how to drive etc.  I would like to talk about something that I really like.
But I’m not…

It’s just not entertaining, not that the following blog will be entertaining, you’re just going to have to read on to find out.

Don’t you hate Moving Day?

Recently I made the plan to move into a buddy’s house that’s in the same town that was living in before. I told my landlord I’m moving out and he asked when I would like to get out. I responded, “Just like the girls in the morning after, I want to get out of my apartment as soon as possible.”

My landlord lives in Cambridge (roughly 2 hours from where I live) so we made the deal where I help him by showing the apartment to people who are interested. This way he saves him self a couple of trips to Wingham and not only do I get my rent money back but there’s a chance that one of the people who come by to check out the apartment is a porn star.


Sadly that fantasy did not play out since the only people who came by was an old women and a dude…I still banged one of them though, I’ll leave it to your imagination to choose which.

I finally get the apartment rented out and HOLY SHIT I JUST SAW A BIRD OUT MY WINDOW GET SMOKED BY A FUCKIN CAR!

It’s real life awesome?


My landlord asked if I could be out by Saturday, that was Tuesday when he asked. I really wanted that rent money back so I took the challenge.

After a sleepless night of planning out the whole move and of course the occasional Kraft Dinner break; I was mentally ready to GTFO.

I spent the past 3 days getting everything packed and moved.

Have you ever packed up and moved all of your earthly possession in less than 3 days?

It fucking sucks.

This is where good friends come in. After some buddies from the station gave me a hand, everything was handled in a matter of hours.

Pretty badass, amirite?

Does anyone else get extremely sentimental about an apartment or house when you’re moving out?

I just remember thinking, “This is the last time I’m going to eat cereal in this apartment.” “This is the last time I’m going to have a marathon NHL 12 session.” “This is the last time that I’ll be COMPLETELY NAKKID…in this apartment.”

In the end it was a successful move; it was about as difficult as it was for the people in “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” to move the incredibly fat mother out of the house.








I don’t want to move again for at least a week, but I know I’ll have to get out of this chair to take a piss eventually.


My favorite viral video of the week. Enjoy…





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