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Riot Like a Boss!

“Why is the government always trying to keep us down? Using over a million dollars to throw us a big party and to set up a HUGE screen TV for us to watch the Stanley cup final on? Just who do they think they are? Let fucking RIOT!”

Over a thousand people in Vancouver must have had this is their head last night.

I mean….with all the countries that are being oppressed and choose to riot…we riot when our hockey team loses in the Stanley cup final.

I mean it’s ridiculous…

Your team finished first in the league at the end of the season and made it all the way to the end of the playoffs. You should be proud of that and it’s not like it’s all over! You still have next year! Think about what Toronto is going through and you throw a temper tantrum when Luongo let’s in a couple of cheesers?


Here are some pics snapped by some brave dumbass’ last night in Vancouver.

” Look ma, I’m on TV!”

Tim Thomas’ brother enjoying the Vancouver nightlife.

“Has anyone seen my car? It’s a white Dodge neon.”


“Easy guys, I’m just looking for my car. Seen it?”



Kurt Cobain IS alive!


Is that Duke Nukem kicking that guys ass?

“You just got knocked DA FUCK OUT!”

“I know I parked my car around here somewhere…”


I get knocked down, but I get up again….


Check out this epic nut-shot from last night.





Great Big Phony?

Many of you have probably seen the latest viral video to hit the web. It features Tampa Bay Rays Third baseman, Evan Longoria, catching a baseball that was on a line drive to a reporters face…with his bare hands! I don’t think anyone really knows if it’s real or fake. Local sports-nut, Bart, chimed in with his prediction of the videos authenticity. Here’s the video and Bart’s response  is below…

What do you think?


“Ok…this video is fake for many reasons.

Number one: No TV affiliation with the reporter. Is she from
Fox…Al-Jazeera…we don’t know.

Number two: Why is the team having batting practice in an empty stadium at
night. Oh that’s right they don’t.

Number three: This one bugs me the most. Can anyone notice the subtle
sponsorship of this vid?

Number four: Well quite frankly if a ball almost hit my head I’d do more
than just look impressed. And what was with the batter just getting ready to
swing again. You almost killed somebody…don’t be so damn relaxed.


Number five: The sad reality that people believe anyone cares about the Rays
so much they interview post workout. Not gonna happen!

So with those cold hard facts, you can rest easy and know this is a faked

Thank you.”

Stanley Cup Playoffs Part Quatro

That was a pretty sweet round. I don’t think there was one game that I wasn’t completely into the game….

Besides any game in the Boston/Philly series.

I was pretty close to calling the winners of the last series. Actually, I called the Western conference winners perfectly but the Eastern Conference is another story…

Here are the results:

Vancouver vs. Nashville

I said: Vancouver in Game 6.

What actually happened: Vancouver took in Game 6…..awwww yeah.

San Jose vs. Detroit

I said: San Jose in 7

What actually happened: San Jose won lost night over the Red Wings thus ending the band wagon for all Toronto/Ottawa fans.

Washington vs. Tampa Bay

I said: Washington in 6

What actually happened:  Those Washington fucks got swept! Which I’m pretty cool with, after all I do have Stamkos and St.Louis in my fantasy league.

Philadelphia vs. Boston

I said: Flyers in 5

What actually happened: Boston swept Philly in 4 games. Which sucks, not because I like Philly, it’s just because I hate Boston.

Now on to the next round….

Boston vs. Tampa Bay

Again, I hate Boston. Boston seems to knock out one of my favorites ever year. This year they knocked out Montreal…terrible. Go to hell Chara. Thomas is a fantastic goalie though, but I don’t think he stacks up against Tampa bay snipers (Pun intended).

Vancouver vs. San Jose

Ahhhh, now this is what I call Hockey! 2 amazing teams that both have had amazing seasons and iffy post-seasons collide to make what I call, a cluster-fuck of goals, saves, hits and Roberto Luongo crying. I think San Jose will take this…most likely in 5 games.

And for a bonus; my co-worker Bart, who (sorry to say) failed miserably at picking the last series winners, picked some more favorites for the next series. I know I said you should take his advice and pick up pro-line last time, but maybe it’d be best to spend that money on beer this time around.


East:  Tampa vs Boston
I like the solid 3 lines of Tampa mixed with the great goal tending of Dwayne Roloson to keep the Bruins away from the cup once again. I say Tampa Bay over Boston in 6.
West: San Jose vs Vancouver
Both teams had to deal with blowing 3-0 leads but the Canucks will be well rested and ready to get to the finals for the first time since 1994. Luongo needs to out duel Niemi and I think he will. Vancouver over San Jose in 6.

Bart’s Picks

My buddy Bart, whom I work with, is one of those sports nuts that can pull numbers and stats for the most obscure sports. Including professional ping-pong.


He would like to chime in and post his picks, so you could take his advice or mine. Probably a good idea to take his…

Bart’s Picks:

Nashville over Vancouver in 6 games.

Predators will advance because of strong play of their d-core (Weber and Suter) and Rinne outduels Luongo. If the Sedins show up to play this outcome could be different.

Detroit over San Jose in 6 games.

The Wings will get Zetterberg back and with the strong play of the Wings forwards, coupled with the bad play of Sharks goalie Antii Niemi, the Sharks could be in trouble.

Tampa Bay over Washington in 7 games.

Surprise pick. If Roloson continues playing like this, the Lightning can beat anybody. Alex the Great may cry.

Boston over Philadelphia in 6 games.

Toughest series to predict…Bostonshould annihilate the Flyers who do not have one decent starting goalie out of the 4 that they’ve either used or had to back up in the series versusBuffalo.Bostonshould get it together and take another step to the cup finals.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Part Tres

You mind as well Call Me Now because when it came to the first round picks of these Playoffs, I’m Miss. Cleo!

For those of you that read my Playoff post from before the First Round began, you’ll notice a similarity in what actually happened. Quickly I’m going to go through my predictions and how accurate it was…

Washington vs. New York

What I thought: Washington takes it in 6.

What actually happened: Washington took it 6….BAM

Philadelphia vs. Buffalo

What I thought: Thought it would go to Game 7, didn’t know who’d take it.

What actually happened: Did go to Game 7, Philly took it. So I was kinda right.

Montreal vs. Boston

What I thought: Motreal would take it in 7.

What actually happened: Did go to game 7, but Boston ended up taking it….Shit.

Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh

What I thought: Pens going down in 7.

What actually happened: Pens went down in 7. HAHA, I should have made a bet on Pro-Line.

Vancouver vs. Chicago

What I thought:  Vancouver takes it in 5

What actually happened: Vancouver did take it, barely, in 7.
San Jose vs. Los Angeles

What I thought: San Jose in 4

What actually happened: San Jose took it in game 6. A little off there.
Red Wings vs. Phoenix

What I thought:  If MacDonald started for Detroit then it would go to game 5 or 6 but Red Wings would take it.

What actually happened: MacDonald didn’t start and Detroit swept Phoenix in 4 games, I was pretty much right….right?

Anaheim vs. Nashville
What I thought: Anaheim takes it in 7.

What actually happened: Did go to game 7 but Nashville took it.

So if I was being graded on this like if it was a test in high school, I would have failed, because I would have probably skipped that class. But its not High school and I’ve smarten up so I think I’ll give myself an A+…cause I can, Mofo.

Now for the second Round, here are my predictions (write it down this time dumbass you can make some money).

Vancouver vs. Nashville

After the first round I noticed Luongo was shaky as shit so depending on well he plays will be the deciding factor in this series. But ultimately I think Vancouver will take it in 6.
San Jose vs. Detroit

San Jose had their work cut out for them while playing the LA Kings (who say that coming?) but that also means that they’ve had some good practice leading up to the second round. Now you can’t deny Detroit being a powerhouse in the NHL, BUT, they had an relatively easy first round with Phoenix and a decent amount of time off so they might be more out of shape then San Jose. But than again they’re old, so maybe the rest did them some good. This will be a tight series but I HOPE that San Jose takes it in Game 7.

Washington vs. Tampa Bay

This will be the series to watch in the second round for sure. Tampa is hot as shit right now and Washington played very “meh” against New York. I think it’s going to be very close but in the end I think Washington will take it in 6, 7 tops.

Philly vs. Boston

Fuck Boston, go Philly. The Flyers take it in 5.

There it is. That’s how the second round is going to go. Now go make some bets. Just don’t be busting my knee caps if I’m wrong.

NHL Playoffs Part Dos

I didn’t get a chance to post my picks for the Eastern Conference yesterday cause it was my birthday and on top of the usual bday celebrations; I had a little run in with a female driver. I’m not saying that all women are bad drivers, just the ones that decide stopping in the middle of the road and backing up without checking behind them to “talk to their friend who was on the sidewalk”….those women drivers aren’t very safe to travel amongst.

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok now on to the Playoffs…

Now I’ve made my picks for the Western Conference and now here are my picks for the East:

Washington Capitals (1) vs. New York Rangers (8)

The Rangers won 3 of the 4 games they played against Washington this season, but that doesn’t mean shit now. Considering the first loss Washington had against New York back in October is when Mike Green suffered his initial injury from Rangers Derek Stepan, this series is now in Washington’s favor. I say Washington takes in 6.

Philadelphia Flyers (2) vs. Buffalo Sabres (7)

When it came to my Fantasy League, I didn’t want to touch any players on either of these teams because I have no idea who will win. The Flyers are definitely favored to win the series, but I dunnnno. When these to teams played each other during the season they both won 2 of the 4 games. I mean the flyers have been limping in the past month and they don’t have that big mofo Pronger to back them up so they definitely have a disadvantage. If Buffalo can capitalize they can take this series. I say this series has a chance of making it to game 7, but who will take it? Fuck if I know…

Boston Bruins (3) vs. Montreal Candiens (6)

This series is definitely not one to miss, I mean the French Debate was moved so that people won’t miss it to watch Montreal play, god damn those Quebecois have their shit in order. The Candiens have got to be still pissed about that hit on Max Pacioretty, so they definitely have some fire behind them. With Thomas in net and Chara at the blue line, you can’t deny Boston has some major man power. However, I’m going for the upset. Montreal will take in game 7.

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Tampa Bay Lighting (5)

OHHHH BABY, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops: “Pens going down in 7!” and that’s exactly what I think. This is going to be the series that catches my attention the most (considering my Fantasy Team has Stamkos and St.Louis) and even though the Pens don’t have their 2 star players (Crosby and Malkin) it most likely is still going to be a high scoring series. Fuck man this is going to be tight, and that’s what I said. Like I said earlier, Tampa is going to take it in Game 7.

So those are my picks but also I promised my picks for the hockey pool I took part in on Monday so here it is. I’m actually going to be in another pool tonight with A LOT more people so I think will post that team as well tomorrow but it probably won’t be something to exciting to look at.


NHL Playoffs Part Uno

It’s that time of the season; where Men everywhere huddle around ol’ boob tube to watch god’s glorious invention known to all as the NHL Playoffs.

This year it was unfortunate that Calgary didn’t make it to the playoffs (for the second year in a row) but life goes on. The only way I can really get into the Playoffs, other than watching my Flames in the post season, is taking part in a Fantasy pool.

For those of you who don’t know what a Fantasy League is it’s basically where people pick the players and teams they think are going to score the most goals/points during the playoffs. Points are added up and the person who has the best players on their Fantasy Team wins the pool.

I had to make some tough decisions for winners this year. There are some pretty tight match-ups this year, but here are my picks for the Western Conference.

Vancouver Canucks (1) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (8):
Although Chicago has been on a bit of a tear near the end of the season you can’t deny Vancouver of being the main Stanley Cup contenders. Vancouver takes it in 5.

San Jose Sharks (2)  vs. Los Angeles Kings (7):
Ooooooo, state rivals. I bet California is really pumped about this one, but I’m not. San Jose gonna take this one in 4.

Phoenix Coyotes (6) vs. Detroit Red Wings (3)
Phoenix had a solid year, even after almost getting sold to the Blackberry guru last year. They’ve really become decent competition; it’s too bad they have to face the Wings. Maybe if MacDonald was still starting they’d have a chance but I’d say Red wings take it in 5, 6 tops.

Nashville Predators (5) vs. Anaheim Ducks (4)
This is going to be a tough one. Most set-ups between 5th and 6th seat teams usually are. I say this series may go up to the game 7 but ultimately I feel Anaheim will take it.

I’ll be posting my Eastern Conference tomorrow, as well as my picks for my Fantasy League Team.