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Tee Dot

I feel Toronto and my bed have a lot in common… it’s expensive to be there and it’s usually pretty crowed.

If you know what I mean…

Seriously though; I feel Toronto is kind of like the Canadian version of New York. Although I’ve never been to New York and have no idea what it’s ACTUALLY like. However; I watched a lot of “Friends” growing up so I think I have a pretty good grasp on it…


(Jennifer Aniston is a babe)



Every time I go to Toronto it always feels like I haven’t been there in forever. City’s always changing and being renovated. New businesses open up and put the old ones out of business.
There is one thing that I noticed never changes…

It has, and probably always will, smell like Mr. Noodles…


What’s up with that?

I’m not trying to be racist or anything…because it’s not like it only smells like Mr. Noodle’s in China town or anything; that smell follows you everywhere.

It took me a day or two to put my finger on exactly what that smells was, but I figured it out.  Mr. Noodles. To be more specific; the Beef flavored Mr. Noodles.


Whatever, I like Mr. Noodles….and I also like Popeye’s Chicken.

I’ve always wanted to try Popeye’s ever since I watched the Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky…


“Popeye’s chicken is fuckin’ awesome”

One other thing I did last weekend that I’ve always wanted to do is visit Toronto’s very own Hot Box Café.

Smoke and a pancake?

Bong and a blitz?

If you’re a stoner and you’re visiting Toronto than the Hot Box Café is a must. It even has a bunch of stoner scribbles all over the outside walls.

“Me and time get wasted together…”

and my favorite…


I also went to a Jay’s game, which I don’t do often because I’m a Tigers fan but I was pretty drunk at the time so I thought “What the hell?” I noticed the only people at a baseball game that run faster than the players are the people who race to their cars to get out of the parking lot quickly. I saw an old man knock down an old lady so he could be the first one out!
Nah not really but it looked like he was completely willing to though!

Went to a place called the “Bier Market” that apparently everyone else on the planet has heard of except me. There I found beers that sound like the candies that were in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

I order the German beer called “Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier”

It was delicious.

Daniel Tosh was the main reason I came to Toronto that weekend. If you’ve ever watched his TV show “Tosh.O” you know damn right that that guy is an asshole. This is what makes him funny in my mind. His stand up is just as good, too.


So all in all; the trip to Toronto was a huge success. I rode the Toronto Rocket, saw Shane West in a random alley way, ate some Popeye’s, got lost in a haze, drank beer from 3 different continents and saw the most rarest sight known to man…
The Blue Jays actual winning a game!



Props to my buddy Andrew Gallagher and his gf Alli Gammage for putting up with my “sleep farts” for the weekend…



A Sinfully Bad Story

Ever have one of those stories where, even before you tell it, you already know the people you’re telling it to are probably not going to believe you?


I’ve got one of those…
So gather round children, this tale begins in the mystical land of Windsor, Ontario, where the birds fly lower to avoid the smog from Detroit and where the most racist of barbers reside.

The protagonist of this journey is of course myself, accompanied by 2 loyal wingman; Evan Gaiswinkler and another guy whose name I can’t remember. So for lack of a better name I will refer to him as Rusty.

So at this point in the night we had already gone bar-hopping in downtown Windsor and after last call we made our way over to the Ceasers Casino. In roughly the first 30 minutes I lost about 40 bucks but I was planning on making that money back in free coffee.

So now I’m fucking wired at like 3 in the morning walking around aimlessly in this casino. Evan playing poker and Rusty is walking around with me.

At one point we were walking through this aisle that got a bit congested, people were pretty much shoulder-to-shoulder. I looked back to see where Rusty went, when I bumped into the guy in front me.

This guy, black, wearing a guitar on his back was around my same height but was definitely stockier than me.

Because I had an open coffee cup in my hands and a little sloppy from the beer from before, I split coffee on the guy in front of me’s shirt.

He stopped and began to turn around, so obviously he noticed the hot coffee that is currently staining his jump suit.

I got kinda nervous when I noticed what I did so almost right away I began to apologize, but before I got the whole thing out I realized who this mother fucker was…

“Oh shit man I’m so sor- HOLY SHIT YOU’RE SINBAD!”

Jingle all the way, House Guest, First Kid, A Different World….I could go on…..actually, nope that’s about it.



Even for a noisy casino when I said that, I think the granny on the other side of the casino with her hearing aid turned off could have probably heard me.

“You split coffee on me, my man.”

This is all he had to say, and all he DID say during this entire encounter.

Even though I was an asshole for not fully apologizing (and not to mention the fact I split hot coffee on him) I still somehow made it worse by preceding to ask to get a photo with him.

This is where the first part came in where I knew no one would believe this happened unless I got a quick pic with Sinbad.

He was having none of it.

I probably walked amongst his group of people for roughly 10 minutes asking for a picture. I know this is a pretty lame thing to do but there’s something that comes over you when you’ve been drinking excessive amounts of coffee after already been out getting smamered at the bars; you feel kinda off balance, yet, concentrated…

So after following him for a pretty awkwardly long time he finally stopped and gestured to let me take a picture with him. I remember him rolling his eyes like my 16 year old little sister does when my mom tells her to clean her room or some shit like that.

The guy who took the picture on my phone looked like Dragons Den reject and as if if he wasn’t there escorting Sinbad he would probably be monitoring the ladies changing room cameras.

He did a half-ass job of taking the picture but I wasn’t picky. The point was to get proof this all happened, not to get a glamour shot to put up on my refrigerator.

Here’s the pic…



You can obviously tell how un-pleased he is.

I guess in the end I did all that because after being out 40 bucks from the blackjack table I knew I had to do something to make the trip to the casino worth it.

Seems somewhat narcissistic to think this; but sometimes I wonder if Sinbad ever tells the story of the night some punk ass from Windsor spilt coffee on him and then preceded to hound him for a picture.

I’m really moving up in this world.


Riot Like a Boss!

“Why is the government always trying to keep us down? Using over a million dollars to throw us a big party and to set up a HUGE screen TV for us to watch the Stanley cup final on? Just who do they think they are? Let fucking RIOT!”

Over a thousand people in Vancouver must have had this is their head last night.

I mean….with all the countries that are being oppressed and choose to riot…we riot when our hockey team loses in the Stanley cup final.

I mean it’s ridiculous…

Your team finished first in the league at the end of the season and made it all the way to the end of the playoffs. You should be proud of that and it’s not like it’s all over! You still have next year! Think about what Toronto is going through and you throw a temper tantrum when Luongo let’s in a couple of cheesers?


Here are some pics snapped by some brave dumbass’ last night in Vancouver.

” Look ma, I’m on TV!”

Tim Thomas’ brother enjoying the Vancouver nightlife.

“Has anyone seen my car? It’s a white Dodge neon.”


“Easy guys, I’m just looking for my car. Seen it?”



Kurt Cobain IS alive!


Is that Duke Nukem kicking that guys ass?

“You just got knocked DA FUCK OUT!”

“I know I parked my car around here somewhere…”


I get knocked down, but I get up again….


Check out this epic nut-shot from last night.




Look at dis Baybe

Ain’t She Cute?

Her name is Mia and she’s the newest edition to a very close family of mine, I’ve known all them for yeeeeears.

I can’t believe they haven’t got sick of me yet.


There’s a reason why I’m posting pictures of her here.

She’s in a contest with a local photographer and if her pictures on Facebook get enough “Likes” then she wins a session with the photographer.

And for a baby; that’s winning tickets to Superbowl.

So if any of the people out there in the interwebs can go to the link below and Like the group and then Like the pictures posted my good friend Cindy Burton. That’d be like…appreciated. (See what I did there? Pretty clever,  I’d say)

In return I can promise only one thing…


Don’t actually hit you’re computer screen…well not TOO hard at least.

Dos Eyebrows

A Keen Eye

Royal lols

Do you think they did this on purpose?

How perfect is that?