J’ai sérieusement putain de ketchup déteste

Vous constaterez que le reste du cette phrase est complète poubelle, tui vai p’est comier un vertani mure ce lerde!


I’ll wait here while you while you Google translate that…


Ahhhh, Frenchies….just look at this guy…





He think he’s people!

So cute…ok I’m just kidding I have the most respect for Frenchies.


So much so that I affectionately refer to them as such.




I set up to write this blog about all the different cultures of the world, and what they’re all about. Their habits, society traits and what not. But then I realized I know nothing about 99 percent of the cultures, including my own. I barely even know what the French people are all about, but I do occasionally try to translate the words on the opposite of my cereal in the morning so I think I’m qualified to teach people about Frenchies…



I like French people, they’re pretty chill, or at least the ones that I’ve met. Including my buddy from Quebec that I worked with when I was out west a couple of years back. My buddies name was Vincent and he lived in a small town across from the St. Lawrence river from Quebec City named Charney.


There are two things that I focused my attention on while I was there.


One, be on Just for Laugh gags.




Two, find the perfect poutine.



If you have never watched the Comedy Network between 9am and 5pm than you probably don’t know what Just for Laugh gags are. It’s basically show that is muted for the most part, other than the terrible “elevator” type music that they play through-out the show. They do pranks on random people in the public that are somewhat elaborate. One episode, they played a prank where one guy would go up to a bystander and ask for directions. At one point the two people get separated for only an instant but when they reconnect the first guy gets switched out with another person. The point of this is to see if the bystander notices that the guy switched places with some who, is wearing the same clothes but had no similarities. For example a white dude gets switched out with a black dude and for the most part the victim had no idea. That proves to me that either one, Frenchies are totally NOT racist or two, they’re completely obvious!


So I wanted to be a part of that so when they do prank me I can FREAK OUT and start losing it on the actors/actresses on the show to throw them off and to ultimately prank them! At one point during my trip I THOUGHT I  was on the show, but the lady behind the counter at McDonalds just messed my order. They didn’t appreciate when I threw my pop at the wall and screamed “I REFUSED TO BE GAGGED!”





On my trip I also wanted to find the best poutine in Quebec. I ate so much damn poutine while I was there , it was unreal, and by unreal I mean FUCKING AWESOME! In Ontario there are two types of poutine; good and bad. In Quebec, there are some many different types of poutines. I had poutines with potato wedges, with candy, on top of pizza, tons of different ways. I gotta say though, I easily gain around 10 pounds during this journey, but it was worth it! The winner was this place that was called “Rotisserie Fusee”, which translates to “Rocket Chicken”, which already puts the place in the top 5 based on the name alone. Now what made the poutine so damn good was the fact they put Chicken Nuggets in the poutine.  Yeah…let that sink in.




Check them out HERE, there glorious!
Stick around for the Frenchie Blog part 2, coming to a poutinerie near you…





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