Video killed the Radio Star

I have a profound love for music. Let’s just say if music was a person; I’d take it out for a nice lobster dinner, take it home and cuddle with it all night…and not even tell it to GTFO the next morning.

The only thing that matches my love for music is my hatred for Ketchup…

I feel that music can be seen in many different lights…

For example when you’ve had the fuckin worse day of your life; you got fired, you’re girlfriend cheated on you with the guy from the burger king commercials and you just realized you stepped in a big pile of shit but when you get home, throw on some (insert favorite band here) and relax, you kind of forget how miserable life can be.


Then on the other had music can be your worst enemy, like when you’re driving with a younger sister or nephew and you have to listen to The Wiggles featuring Justin Bieber.


Music can also be used as a defensive tactic. I don’t know if any of you have used this method before but it works. After riding public transit for about 3 years, I’ve seen some pretty odd-looking characters. The best way to avoid awkward conversations with these people is to have your headphones in, music up and eyes forward. I’ve seen some of the most awkward of conversation go on right in front of me because some guy didn’t think to bring an iPod with him on the bus. This also works with homeless people on the street asking for booze money.



Music has changed tremendously over the years. If you listen to some of the classic rock tunes from 3 or 4 decades ago and compare it to the shit that is equally as “popular”, not “good”…”popular”, you’ll find that today’s music fuckin sucks. And I don’t want to be the douchey hipster guy who says stuff like “they were so much better when they weren’t mainstream” or “music is suppose to be vintage” but really, if you compare one of the more popular Canadian rock band today…


And compare it to music played from bands at the top of the Canadian charts 30 years ago…


You’ll clearly see we’ve dropped our standards.

With all these changes to music they’ve been new types of music being created as old genres of music just aren’t as big as they were 20 years ago, for example…

Dubstep, although very simple (and very strange) music has grown pretty popular where hair metal seems to be only used in comedies referring to the 80’s.

One music corporation that has been successful in consisting selling out to whatever type of music that is popular at that time is MTV.


MTV recently celebrated 30 years of being on air. That’s 30 years of flip-flopping on what format of music to play every 4 or 5 years, but I guess that’s what it takes to keep with the times. MTV seems to be the trend setters for most other music TV channels, for example; remember when Much Music was good?

Yes, I know that was a long time ago but if you reach into the hazy section in your memory bank, just pass the Pogs and to the left of Captain Planet you’ll find a small little spec of television brilliance that was once Much Music.

But back to MTV, they have evolved into a god-forsaken, bullshit reality TV playing, product placing, teen-pregnancy promoting SUCCUBUS!


But what do I know; I don’t even watch MTV. All I know is that any group of people who decide giving these assholes a TV shows for 3 consecutive years….


deserves to have their corn flakes pissed on.

In honor of a time that has almost been long forgotten, I’ve found a video clip of the first ten minutes of when MTV first launched back on Saturday, August 1st 1981.  Enjoy.




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