Smokey Smokerson

They say, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” I say “Where’s there smoke, there’s someone enjoying their lunch break.”



Smoking is bad. Let me just say that right of the bat. No one should smoke. I feel even the people who do smoke, wish they didn’t and if you’re perfectly content with being a smoker…than bully for you.
Smokers make up roughly a quarter of the nation’s population, which is half of what it used to be half a century ago.

What changed?

Was it because the prices increased?


“We want more Money….”

Was it influenced by Smokey the bear?


Maybe it was just because they eventually realized its super fucking bad for you.

I wonder why it took so long to make that connection between tobacco and well, death. I mean people have been smoking tobacco for centuries. One of the first records of tobacco use was in the 16th century by the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. So it’s nothing new, but people didn’t recognize it for being bad to your health until just over 50 years ago.

It’s not like the symptoms of smoking are subtle or anything. When you smoke, you can usually see your health dwindling away. Kind of like being fat! You can’t run as far/fast, coughing out gross shit and if you’re so obvious that none of that phased you…you HAD to have noticed its addictive nature.


Regardless of why it took so long for people to realize smoking causes health problems; everyone is well aware now. And if you’re a smoker and you’re not aware of this, than that ain’t tobacco you’re smoking…


So…just to stress my point; smoking IS bad. I’m not proud to say I’m a smoker, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say I’m a smoker but that’s what I am.

As a smoker I feel like there’s been many laws in the past couple decades to basically shut the smoking population out of many places…which is good! If I was a non-smoker I obviously wouldn’t want other people smoking up a storm in movie theatres and in restaurants etc. So it totally makes sense to have smoking areas and smoking patios because the majority of those “smoking” places are outside, in the open and with plenty of fresh air to dilute the smoke.

Now, this is where shit gets ridiculous!

Not knowing what it’s really like from a non-smoker perspective I may just be talking out my own ass on this but when I first heard about this I was kind of upset.

There’s recently been a push in the Grey and Bruce Counties to pass bylaws to completely restrict smoking at many places where before there was just “smoking areas”. These places include ball diamonds, soccer fields and even bar patios!

What. The. Fuck!

When there’s no smoking indoors, that’s cool. No smoking in cars with kids, that’s definitely cool. No smoking with 15 feet of public door ways, ok that still makes sense I guess.  But now, there’s not even smoking allowed outside!


Where the fuck are we allowed to smoke than?

I mean we either have to find a way to suspend ourselves 50 feet in the air or we have to home, climb under a blanket to smoke up…and that’s just a fire hazard waiting to happen.

What they’re doing is limiting children from seeing older people smoke, because the kids would be then more likely to smoke themselves when they get older. So even though I feel that it’s the kids fucking decision what they do when they get older, I still understand that they just trying to have a healthier population.


If that’s the case than let’s not serve beer in public because then the kids could become alcoholics.

Or how bout banning strip clubs and Hooters so that girls don’t have the option of becoming strippers when they grow up?

Ok it sounds like I’m playing the devils advocate here but all I’m saying is that sweeping shit like this under a rug isn’t going to solve anything. How about instead of forcing the smoking population into a dark corner they make parents talk to their kids about smoking and discuss the health issues that stem from it.

That way the kids can make up their own minds.

What do you think?


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