Miserable ol’ M.E. (Mother Earth)

In no offense to my lady fans, which I’m pretty sure only consists of just Lisa and Janel, I would like to point out that SOME women out there play out their gender to get whatever they want.

These girls are often referred to as Gold-diggers…I call them “resourceful”. At least they know how to work with what god gave ’em.


It’s the women who play up their gender to fuck with other people’s shit I dislike.

 For example: the women who complain that they can’t lift as much as the men on the construction site but then turn around and expect to get paid the same amount as the guys  who are doing twice the work as they are.


There’s a saying “Women all want equality…until the ships going down”

And keep in mind, I don’t feel this way about the majority of women but just the ones who tend to overact to simple conflicts.

Like this woman…

So, what brought all this hate of mine on?

I’ll tell you why! There was a woman this past weekend that fucked over A LOT of people and can be referred to as an unreasonable, miserable bitch…

Who is she?

Mother Nature!




Just like all the other disasters that have occurred over the past couple years; like Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Japan, the Manitoba floods and the most recent one from just last weekend…the Goderich Tornado.

Not to mention the so-called “earthquake” that apparently everyone felt except for me. I may have been shaking at that moment and the earthquake counteracted that to make me think I was sitting still…who knows?


I would first like to say that I feel for all the people affected by the tornado. It was a terrible thing to happen to very innocent people. My thoughts are with all the people involved in this horrible situation.

I often think about how I would react if I was caught up in the middle of a tornado.

I would like to think I would be the guy kicking down doors and saving people by bringing them to some kind of storm shelter, but I think I would be more panicked about what’s going to happen to my iPhone 4.

It’s bad, I know, but that goes to show you the bravery of the people who showed up to show their support ; all the emergency response units that risked their lives by going into places the majority of us are too afraid to go.



Here’s my Jerry Seinfeld moment of the day….What’s the Deal with all this shitty weather?


I guess I don’t really follow severe weather trends so I don’t really know what kind of disasters that occurred in the past century but I want to go out on a limb here and say that recently there’s been an increase in shitty weather.

I’ve heard all the theories; it’s 2012, it’s the rapture, it’s global warming, it’s Y2k, it’s the Matrix! Etc etc.

So I want to send a personal note out the Mother Nature; chill the fuck out and try smoking some of that good shit you created.



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