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I feel Toronto and my bed have a lot in common… it’s expensive to be there and it’s usually pretty crowed.

If you know what I mean…

Seriously though; I feel Toronto is kind of like the Canadian version of New York. Although I’ve never been to New York and have no idea what it’s ACTUALLY like. However; I watched a lot of “Friends” growing up so I think I have a pretty good grasp on it…


(Jennifer Aniston is a babe)



Every time I go to Toronto it always feels like I haven’t been there in forever. City’s always changing and being renovated. New businesses open up and put the old ones out of business.
There is one thing that I noticed never changes…

It has, and probably always will, smell like Mr. Noodles…


What’s up with that?

I’m not trying to be racist or anything…because it’s not like it only smells like Mr. Noodle’s in China town or anything; that smell follows you everywhere.

It took me a day or two to put my finger on exactly what that smells was, but I figured it out.  Mr. Noodles. To be more specific; the Beef flavored Mr. Noodles.


Whatever, I like Mr. Noodles….and I also like Popeye’s Chicken.

I’ve always wanted to try Popeye’s ever since I watched the Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky…


“Popeye’s chicken is fuckin’ awesome”

One other thing I did last weekend that I’ve always wanted to do is visit Toronto’s very own Hot Box Café.

Smoke and a pancake?

Bong and a blitz?

If you’re a stoner and you’re visiting Toronto than the Hot Box Café is a must. It even has a bunch of stoner scribbles all over the outside walls.

“Me and time get wasted together…”

and my favorite…


I also went to a Jay’s game, which I don’t do often because I’m a Tigers fan but I was pretty drunk at the time so I thought “What the hell?” I noticed the only people at a baseball game that run faster than the players are the people who race to their cars to get out of the parking lot quickly. I saw an old man knock down an old lady so he could be the first one out!
Nah not really but it looked like he was completely willing to though!

Went to a place called the “Bier Market” that apparently everyone else on the planet has heard of except me. There I found beers that sound like the candies that were in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

I order the German beer called “Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier”

It was delicious.

Daniel Tosh was the main reason I came to Toronto that weekend. If you’ve ever watched his TV show “Tosh.O” you know damn right that that guy is an asshole. This is what makes him funny in my mind. His stand up is just as good, too.


So all in all; the trip to Toronto was a huge success. I rode the Toronto Rocket, saw Shane West in a random alley way, ate some Popeye’s, got lost in a haze, drank beer from 3 different continents and saw the most rarest sight known to man…
The Blue Jays actual winning a game!



Props to my buddy Andrew Gallagher and his gf Alli Gammage for putting up with my “sleep farts” for the weekend…



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