Excuse me while I kiss the sky

Today marks the anniversary that the US shot the first manned space shuttle into space.

Or today is the anniversary of when the government lied their fuckin asses off…

Whether you think that man actually walked on moon or not; I think there’s something that we can all agree on…

Rockets are badass!

Just look at this…


Rockets make it possible to strap a dude’s ass to a chair and launch into the oblivion!

Astronauts are crazy for being totally cool with that. I mean I would like to be in that interview…

“So we’d like to stick in this chair, that’s inside of a giant tube, that’s filled with thousands of gallons of gas, and we’re sending you to a place where air doesn’t exist and there’s a chance your head will literally explode. How does that sound?”

“Sir, I think I just shit myself…”

In the past year the space shuttle program has begun its retirement, which basically means there won’t be a person in outer space for a while, at least 5 years. NASA will still be around launching random shit into the air so it’s not like we’ve given up on finding ET’s home, it’s just America doesn’t plan on spending billions of dollars a year on shooting people into space.
It’s crazy how much they spend on this program anyways, so it’s probably for the best. In 2009 alone their overall budget was 17.6 billion dollars!

God dammmmn that’s a lot of zeros! If I had that kind of money I wouldn’t be trying to send some asshole to space, I would be more worried about how many cars I can drop from an airplane before I got bored…


good thing I’m not actually president.

But back to my main question; is the moon landing fake or did it exactly happen?


Well one thing is for sure…I don’t give a rat’s ass.

I really don’t understand why people go through all this trouble to get up there. Are we trying to send people there to live?


Rich people? I doubt it. I bet most celebrities can’t go a day without an espresso, try going a life-time without civilization…

Astronauts? Maybe, but isn’t the big draw of this job getting all the earth chicks you want?

Politicians? Well maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea…

Are we trying to discover if there’s life on other planets? Obviously there is! If you believe that we are the only life forms in the entire universe made up of millions of planets and galaxies that are 1000 times larger than our planet….than you’re the definition of “shit for brains”.

And it’s not like I think that there are aliens out there, or at least aliens that look like the ones from the movies.

Aliens probably look more like this…

Fake or not; don’t tell Buzz Aldrin (the second man on the moon) that the moon landing was fake. He’ll fucking knock you out.

Check out this video of dumbass, Bart Sibrel, trying to confront Buzz…

(skip to 1:20 for the good part or if you’re just inpatient)




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