Gingers DO have souls! in their shoes…

Thyme, Cinnamon, Ginger and Oregano…

Which one of these don’t belong?

If you said ginger; than you, my friend, are prejudice!

haha no not really, well maybe you are, after all there are a lot of people out there that constantly making fun of gingers. 

Some people just can’t take it…



But why do they get ripped on so much? Sure some of them are pale; they have red freckles, buck teeth…haha ok, now I’m starting to see it.

Too bad for gingers, it’s not even like they get stereotypes that they could live with. What I mean is, for example; Asians get ripped on too but they are know for being super smart and black people get ripped on for well….being black, but at least people are aware that they have big…well you know…

But with gingers…there’s nothing positive there.
At least they have the numbers. There are more gingers out there that you think. 

Nicole Kidman


There’s a reason why this foxy little bessh is red hot, she’s a ginger.

Ron Weasley


Ok well this one was obvious, I just throw him in because, well you know…he’s a ginger.  


Woody Allen



Woody! Say it aint so! Sadly, yes, he’s a ginger…


Groundskeeper Willie 

 Ya damn right, he’s a ginger!


 Malcolm X 


Just kidding…..or am I? Google it. He might be…*dramatic pause* a ginger.


Mark McGwire 


He thought people were yelling out “Gwire! Gwire!” when he was running the bases. Nope….

Chuck Norris 

WHOA! Didn’t see that coming did ya? You did? Well fuck you. I didn’t know he was a ginger.


So next time you see a ginger, instead of throwing your drink at him/her like usually; try giving them a high five….that’s what I did to my good buddy Riley “Jib-Jab” Jabourasaurus…


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Hey I'm Cameron and I hate Ketchup, obviously. I also like to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and rap. I'm from Calgary but lived in Ontario for the most of my life. I now live in a little town called Wingham, oh you haven't heard of Wingham? Strange. Aaaaanyways, enough about me. Go read my shit. View all posts by cameronchase420

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