Is that a joystick in your pocket…



Ever since I was young enough to tell the difference between the A and B button is pretty much how long I’ve been playing video games.
Everything from Battletoads…


to Super smash bros….



to Call of Duty.


I’ve done the math and roughly the time I’ve spent  playing video games is equal to the time it would take for me to hopscotch the Grand Canyon, build a fully functional car out of toothpicks, bitch slap every citizen of Edmonton and learn a new language, twice…

Yes, it is very obvious that I’ve spent a lot of time playing video games but was it a complete waste?

Yes. Well kinda….but pretty much.

There’s a lot to say on the negatives of video games but I’m going to go the other way and further prove that video games aren’t a COMPLETE waste of time.

For one, if you’re an avid video gamer than what do you do with your time other than video games?






Fuck that, what else? Oh you’d go to the mall or go watch a movie?

Well shit, there’s my first point!

Keep in mind, I’m one broke mother fucker and most nights I don’t have money to go out. So what do I do when I’m home? Something productive would be the best suggestion but what if I just worked 10 hours and I want to just kind of “chill out”?

Nothing says relaxation like blowing the head off a Nazi Zombie…


So video gaming CAN save you money… just don’t turn around and spend that money on food, fatty.


Now what if you’re socially awkward? Like this guy…


He’s the type of guy that had to stay in the game room at elementary school dances. He never really learned how to make friends without having to send a request first. How does he fill his time? How does he meet people just like him? Usually video games, sure, it’s not the best way to further your social skills. But it’s better than being all depressed and emo…

There’s a saying that I’ve heard from time to time in regards to video gamers…

“You don’t really know someone til you hear them on Xbox live.”


People can turn from being completely courteous and friendly in reality but then when they jump on Xbox Live it turns into a slightly greasier version of Dr.Jekell and Mr.Hyde.
Maybe Xbox live is also a good outlet for rage issues. Let try giving psychopathic killers a copy of Gears of War and let’em go nuts!

I bet they’d turn into decent members of society….or maybe not.

Next time I bring up video gaming, I’ll be mentioning the other side of video gaming….the ugly side.

The very ugly side….


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