T-G to the I-F



Who doesn’t love Friday? If you don’t like Fridays than you, my friend, are a dick!

Even the people who work on the weekends, such as myself, still love Fridays.

I’ve recently been signed on to do the weekend obituaries for my Radio Station. Which isn’t as bad as it seems, funeral directors are surprisingly peppy. All I do is I come in for only 3 hours on Saturday mornings, give the Grim reaper a call, see if he popped a cap in someone’s ass and then write-up an obit.



The Reaper is pretty cool, I thought he was pretty intimidating but then I found out that seasons don’t fear the reaper so what am I worried about?


This blog isn’t about death, it’s about Fridays!


Friday’s have always been a sacred day….
Remember back in the late 90’s when every Friday night was TGIF on ABC? The family would gather around the ol’ boob tube and watch shows like Teen Angel, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and my personal favorite Boy Meets World.



Those were the days…

Then High School came and TGIF wasn’t cool anymore. You know what was cool?

(Other than Pokémon, obviously)


Friday night became synonymous with Shenanigans. I was a lil shit disturber, running around town egging park signs and playing Nicky-Nicky nine doors…which I never really learned how to play. I used to just ring the doorbell and stand on the front porch until the home owners felt bad for me and gave me some change.

Then of course the shenanigans were followed by teen drinking and poon-tang….of course I could not be bothered with these activities, since I was on a quest to collect all 151 original Pokémon.



Now-a-days Friday’s are still being used for the same activities, it’s just the drinking is now legal and sex is a lot harder to find (especially living in a small town of less than 1500 people).

Is it just me or were girls sluttier in high school?

Oh shit, I didn’t mean to say “slut”, I know what happens when people say that word…



and no one wants to see that again.
All in all; Friday’s are the bee’s knees AND the cat pajamas…

The only problem I got with Friday is that stupid fucking Rebecca Black song…


WARNING: This song cannot be UN-heard…


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