Lord I was born a Rambling Man

One of the many problems with living in a small rural town (other than there’s no titty-bar) is that there’s a low chance any of your buddies will want to come visit.

Who can blame them?

I’ve learned to travel more and visit friends in all different cities and also that it’s good to have friends with couches. Couches are glorious when it comes to partying in a different town.


The night usually goes drink, drink, drink, drunk, blank, couch.

But crashing on someone’s couch is very sacred and should not be toyed with. That is if there’s even the SLIGHTEST chance you might be staying there again sometime in the future.
So follow these specific rules to the ART of Couch Surfing


  • Give up the couch when someone else needs to crash. Sleep on the floor or on another person’s couch.
  • Have a way home in an emergency. For example, I have my bike locked up less than a mile away.
  • Clean. Put your blanket and pillow away, tidy up the couch, pick up the kitchen from last night’s party, take out the trash, etc.
  • Do food-related services for the hosts. If you can cook well, do it constantly (breakfast and dinner). If you can’t cook, buy them groceries or dinner. The $20 or $80 worth of food is a lot less than they’re paying to house your sorry ass.
  • Hide the fact that you’re using their toiletries. Squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom, use a minimal amount of shampoo, don’t use their towel without asking first, etc.
  • You don’t live there. It’s funny to pretend that you’re a roommate, but when it comes to an actual decision or vote you shouldn’t be in the way.
  • Ask permission before throwing the party. It’s fine, fun, and funny to throw a party at someone else’s house, just make sure they’re in on it and can veto it. Remember that if they get in trouble for the party, you’re out on the street.
  • Be prepared to leave. They might need the couch for someone else that night, or might want time away from you, or are just plain annoyed by your mooching. Back-up couches and a way to get home quickly are useful for this.
  • Be friendly. Really, who wants a jerk crashing on their couch? Deal well with the roommates and their jackass friends, too.
Special shout out to my good friends all over South-Western Ontario that have let me crashed on their couch:

Kayla Moore- London

Cody Myre- Chatham

Tim, Dylan and Jeff- London

Mike Vlasvled- Windsor

Avery Moore- Kincardine

Zach Hill- Chatham

Russell Cooper- London

Cass Roy- Toronto

Andrew Gallagher- Toronto

And if I didn’t mention you here, I’m sorry.
Unless your couch sucked, than I’m not sorry and you suck…
(Bonus points to buddies who have let me bang on their couch)

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