Riot Like a Boss!

“Why is the government always trying to keep us down? Using over a million dollars to throw us a big party and to set up a HUGE screen TV for us to watch the Stanley cup final on? Just who do they think they are? Let fucking RIOT!”

Over a thousand people in Vancouver must have had this is their head last night.

I mean….with all the countries that are being oppressed and choose to riot…we riot when our hockey team loses in the Stanley cup final.

I mean it’s ridiculous…

Your team finished first in the league at the end of the season and made it all the way to the end of the playoffs. You should be proud of that and it’s not like it’s all over! You still have next year! Think about what Toronto is going through and you throw a temper tantrum when Luongo let’s in a couple of cheesers?


Here are some pics snapped by some brave dumbass’ last night in Vancouver.

” Look ma, I’m on TV!”

Tim Thomas’ brother enjoying the Vancouver nightlife.

“Has anyone seen my car? It’s a white Dodge neon.”


“Easy guys, I’m just looking for my car. Seen it?”



Kurt Cobain IS alive!


Is that Duke Nukem kicking that guys ass?

“You just got knocked DA FUCK OUT!”

“I know I parked my car around here somewhere…”


I get knocked down, but I get up again….


Check out this epic nut-shot from last night.





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