What does “Fat” mean? Who is technically “Fat”?


A person who seems fat to you, might be considered “In good health” to someone else. I figure people who are considered “Fat” can be just as likely to be successful as someone who is considered to be “Thin”.

Theodore Roosevelt…John Goodman… fuckin’ Santa Clause!



I would consider them all successful or an icon in one way or another. The fact that they’re “fat”, doesn’t take away from their talent.

(I’m going to stop putting quotations on Fat now.)

So you’re fat, what do you do now?

You can lose weight or you get a surgery, but will that work?

Losing weight takes time, effort and shit load of will power, and let’s be real; if a fat person displayed those characteristics they probably wouldn’t be fat in the first place.

Surgery is risky and expensive, so you might not want to go down that road.

The only other option would probably just dealing with it, but that’s pretty hard when society frowns upon the obese.



I remember there’s an extra on the “Super Size Me” DVD, where there was a doctor that made a good point…

Back in the 1970’s and 80’s when it was starting to become common knowledge that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. This caused many people to begin hounding smokers with the phrase “You know, smoking’s bad for you.”

Of course smoking is bad for you, but so is being obese. That’s what the doctors’ point was…

“When will it socially acceptable for you to go up to an obese person and say ‘You know…being fat is bad for your health?’?”

Being fat doesn’t just limit your activity but also, apparently’ limits your access into other countries.

A friend of mine, Andrew Gallagher, recently brought to my attention that there’s a woman named Rowan Trezise (Picture Below) who tried to gain access to New Zealand.

BUT apparently she’s too fat to ride THAT roller coaster…

They denied her access because she would be “a significant drain on our health resources”.

So….I guess New Zealand is full of assholes.

I mean I used to be a bit over weight…

Can you find me?

So I understand, kind of, what it’s like and for a country to do something like that just makes me so fucking…content.

I don’t care.

If these New Zealand people don’t want fat people in their country, than that’s their prerogative.

That just means there’ll be no funny people in New Zealand, amirite?

Plus if you really think about, why would any fat person out there WANT to go to a country filled will skinny assholes?


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