Where in the world is Cam-Man’s Friggin-Mailo?

The worst part about losing a “loved one” is being unsure about when Microsoft will be mailing it back to you.

Of course, by “Loved” I mean “X” and by “one” I mean “Box”.

So this morning I mail out my Xbox to get repaired, thus is beginning my involuntary month of Lent.

I take this as a sign from God saying “Get out and enjoy the world more.”

But then when I get woken up at 4AM and see this right outside of my window….

I take this as a sign from God saying “Stay the fuck inside.”

Also, when exactly I’ll be able to get my hands back on my Xbox, may be postponed even longer with this Postal Strike.

I’ll be discussing the Strike periodically over the next couple weeks but first I wanted to start off by discussing the basics.

So first, how do they plan on doing this thang?

Before reading the CBC website’s overview on the strike, I thought the idea of a “rotating strike” was stupid. I mean what’s the point of going on strike in just one city at a time?

But then I realized…

I can Save 15% percent on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

BUT then I put down my bong and realized something else…

The “Rotating strike” is a fuckin fantastic idea!

I mean think of it, you’re not pissing off the public because they will still get their mail, maybe not that day but most likely the next day.

It’s also pretty brilliant because it’s the Muhammad Ali “Rope-a-dope” approach opposed to the George Bush “Go in Guns blazing” approach.

The Rope-a-dope was when Ali would tire the opponent over a period of time eventually leaving him powerless and exhausted and that’s when Ali would strike.

The “Go-in-Guns blazing” would be the method when you fire everything you got and if that doesn’t work you have nowhere to go from there….besides Iraq, I guess.

See what I’m getting at here?

By starting off small and gaining speed over time it gives them more power.

Plus, if the employers don’t know when and where the strike will happen next then they’re less likely to be fully prepared with replacement workers and what not.

But now I’m left wondering “Why are they striking to begin with?”

I’m guessing it’s a conspiracy to keep my Xbox away from me.

And who’s behind the conspiracy?

Fuckin’ Ketchup.


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