Ever been so hung over you forget that you own a blog for 4 days? For the most part I wasn’t even sure if I was wearing pants.

The reason for this was from a night of excessive drinking, screaming, and general Shenanigans.

Yeah, I said Shenanigans.

I remember when the night began me and a buddy of mine, who will remain nameless, took a cab down to the riverfront in Windsor. Michael Vlasvled and I were in the cab talking to the driver about where we were heading.


This is how the conversation escalated…

Me “Did you tell him where we are going?”

Driver (Arab Accent) “Beaverfe…”

Me “Fuckin’ right Beaverfest!”

Driver “Like the female part?”

Me “No, that’s pussyfe..”

Driver “Fuckin’ Right PUSSYFEST!”

Me “Hahaha, it ain’t no cork-soakers fest”

Driver “No that’s next month”


The conversation only got more offensive and belligerent from there. For the full UN-EDITED version, it’s available on Netflix….in the US.

A couple things I noticed were contrary to how I perceived Danko Jones in my head was wayyyy off of what he actually looks like.

This is what I thought…

This is what he actually looks like…



But never-the-less he put on an amazing set.

This is my favorite track by him.



The Trews are (to me) much like Pokaroo.

They never seem to be in the same place as me, but FINALLY I got to see them down at Beaverfest. They played an amazing show I just thought it was weird when the Bassist and Guitarist got right up on the mic together almost screaming at each other. I mean…couldn’t they get another mic?

And then there’s Finger 11…

I don’t get how the lead singer could have a migraine for the past 8 years. If you’ve seen him he stand in one position the whole night and holds his head like he isn’t enjoying he’s own music.

I guess me and him have something in common.

So in closing…Beaverfest was a hit, Danko Jones is a Gandhi impersonator, there’s something fishy going on between those 2 guys in The Trews and Finger eleven blows donkey ass.


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