Everyday I be Stumblin’

Do you ever find yourself aimlessly surfing the web, looking for nothing specific.

In case you ever want to change it up from the usually Facebook/Porn Hub stop offs on the interwebz; I suggest acquiring this web tool for just such an occasion.

It’s called Stumble Upon.

Did you ever wonder “Jeez, that Cam Chase fella is awfully resourceful!”?


Well if you did, it’s only because I steal literally every pointless fact I know from the Stumble Upon.

It’s basically a website where you can go and set preferences for shit that you like to read about on the internet.

What? You’re illiterate?!

Just in case you don’t know how to read; you can also “stumble upon” pics and videos that you’d probably never see…unless someone at work forwarded you a YouTube link.

So give it shot!

Go here: http://www.stumbleupon.com/

Start an account and download the toolbar.

Then anytime you’re bored online just click that little button and it’ll take you to the most random and fun-as-shit websites out there.

I’ve been stumbling since high school and I have over 60k stumbles in my account history. I’m always finding new things to check out, like this pretty interesting list of different movies that were edited because of the 9/11 terrorists attacks…

Men in Black II featured a climax that included the World Trade Center. The building was changed to the Statue of Liberty.

– The ending Lilo and Stitch was edited from Stitch taking a 747 on a joyride and swerving around buildings, to Stitch taking a spaceship on a joyride and swerving around mountains.

The Bourne Identity had to be greatly edited due to the involvement of terrorism in the storyline.

The Incredibles featured a scene where a frustrated Mr. Incredible vents his emotions on an abandoned building, but ends up accidentally damaging a neighboring building as well. This was considered too reminiscent of the World Trade Center collapse, and was replaced with a scene where Mr. Incredible and Frozone rescue trapped civilians from a burning building.

Pretty cool right?

This is just one example of pointless (yet interesting) knowledge that you’d acquire from “Stumbling”

So do et!


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