Art of Persuasion 3: The Blog your Blog could smell like

You’re sitting in front of your computer screen…now look down, now back up…YOU ARE NOW STILL LOOKING AT YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN!

Unless you’ve lived under a rock or you only watch TV on Netflix, you know exactly what commercial that’s from.

Just in case, here it is…

The legendary Old Spice “The Man your Man could smell like” advertisements are a one of the more memorable marketing campaigns of this decade. The commercials launched back in February of 2010 and has been mimicked, parodied and mentioned in all different kinds of media.

Isaiah Mustafa is the “Old Spice guy” featured in the viral videos.

Interesting side note: Isaiah was a part of several different training camps and practice clubs for the NFL between 1997-2000, but he never actually got to play in one single game.

Creating a viral video seems to be one of the best ways to market your products. Old spice did it, Gillette did it and even Vitamin Water has a video out now featuring Jennifer Aniston.

More and more businesses have even jumped on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon.

As a (some-what) Creative Writer for a radio station I recognize the fact that businesses still put their phone number in their commercial as a phenomenon. There is absolutely no one that is sitting by the radio with a pad of paper that is going to write down your phone number. The only acceptable time you should put your digits in the ad is when it’s the fuckin simplest number…like 999-FOOD or 420-BUDS.

I think businesses are catching on to this and that’s probably why more and more websites are being advertised in their commercials.

Advertising and Marketing can be very difficult but there are some people out there that have developed the perfect way of marketing their products.

Here are some examples…

Next I will be discussing how annoying advertising has become and how it may have gone too far in some cases…

Now look down… back up…

I’m on a horse


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