Art of Persuasion Part 2

Some people are just not cut out for certain jobs. Like me becoming a priest, Mr. Dress-up becoming a drug lord, or even Sarah Palin trying to become the First Lady.

It just ain’t gonna happen…

The same law applies to products and advertising, some products just can’t cut it, not because the product sucks but because there’s no (good) way to market it.

An example of this is a CD I recently found; “A Bluegrass Tribute to NEW FOUND GLORY”. Right away you think “WTF? This is stupid.” Then you drop the CD back in the dollar bin and walk away. But hold on there, why is it stupid? Cause it’s Bluegrass…maybe. Cause it’s New Found Glory…..probably. The point is; no one would give the product a try (unless it was free) just because the product itself.

With products and advertising, sometimes advertising and people just don’t work. A FANTASTIC example of this is Frank D’Angelo.

Yeah, that crazy mofo.

This guy is a god when it comes to shitty marketing tactics. D’Angelo had a lot of promise growing up, he outsourced his paper route to dumbass kids in his neighborhood, when he was only 9!

Apparently his down-syndrome stayed dormant in his system til he was 48, where he single-handedly took down a major corporation that he himself started.

Steelback Brewery was a company that he started in 2002 and ran into the ground nearly 5 years later.

You see, Steelback’s yearly revenue was set at around 4.5 Million a year, that’s how much they make profit after the cost of producing. D’Angelo thought it was a great idea to spend over 15 Million a year on Advertising. Even going as far as giving away a very detailed leather jacket koozie for each beer bottle sold at bars.

By the end of it D’Angelo owed $101,619,464.20 to the creditors and investors.

Frank D’angelo….you are a fuckin idiot….and THAT, my friend, is no bull.

Next I will look at some of the most elaborate marketing techniques and best advertising campaigns out there.


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