Art of Persuasion

Now-a-Daze I can’t even watch a video on Youtube without watching that chick from Progressive try to save me money on my car insurance.

By the way, I am IN NO WAY an advocate for abuse against women, but that progressive chick is getting dangerous close to a knuckle sandwich.


Advertising is everywhere; buses, benches, light posts, internet porn websites, T-Shirts, etc. etc. etc. I’m writing a blog series based on my thoughts on Advertising which includes all different aspects of it; the good, the bad and the Cheetah Power Surge.

Advertising keeps the entertainment world go-round. In most cases the success of a product largely realizes on it’s marketing, and even the success of that marketing is based on the success of the product it’s advertising through.

An example of that is; say a Movie is being advertised during a TV show, but that TV show sucks and no one watches it. The Marketing for that Movie will suffer because the commercials that aired during that shitty TV show weren’t viewed by its target audience.

Confusing? Yeah. The marketing world is very confusing, there’s only one guy that mastered marketing, and he died…

R.I.P Billy Mays.

Most other business’ use different methods of getting their message heard. One of the more fucking brilliant advertising tactics is the McDonald’s/Coke-a-Cola partnership. You see, Coke is McDonald’s main supplier of soda pop, that’s not new, but one thing you may not know is they get all their beverages from Coke for FREE! Yeah, that’s right; every Coke drink McDonald’s sell is 100% profit. It’s because there is not one commercial for McDonald’s you won’t see a quick image of the Coke Icon or a “glamour shot” of the pop flowing into a cup (which reminds me of the “Money shot” in adult films). Plus, every single Small/Medium/Large cup at McDonald’s has a Coke Icon on it.

Can you spot the “Glamour shot”?

Next, I plan on talking about Advertising at its worse and how not to market a product….I’m talking to you Frank D’Angelo.

Stay Tuned.


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