Too hungry to think of clever title….

Lordy, lordy, lordy….I’m hungry. Today is the day of my 30-Hour Famine and right now I’m right around hour 22 and it’s not TOO bad yet.

The worse of it came on my Lunch when I realized I had fuck-all to do.

I rambled around the office building but that didn’t help too much considering everyone else was either away for lunch or eating themselves.

I think it’s funny all the people that threaten me with “bringing in a burger for you too eat.” Like that’s a threat. One day I should SAY I’m doing another Famine and have any these people bring me steaks and pizzas and gobble it down right in front of there bewildered face.

The good news from today is that I surpassed my goal of raising money. I set the goal last month to raise $150 dollars and ended up with $170. So from that roughly 10 kids fro somewhere in the world will be supplied with meals for over a week, and if doing that means I don’t eat for a day….so be it.

I don’t think I’m amazing or anything (or do I?), I’m doing this for myself too.
Karma baby. All this work is coming back around in one way or another.

And now, special thanks to the people who helped sponsor me:
Thank you, Dan Bieman. My brother from another Mother

Thank you, Meredith Geddes. My Sister from another Mister.

Thank you, Travis Chase. My Brother from the same Mother.

Thank you, Scott Pettigrew. The man of the (News) hour.

Thank you, Joan Moore. You kept me going through this famine with the peppiness.

Thank you, Wendy Chase. THANKS MA!

Thank you, Lisa Paivel. Supervised my lunch time, good thing too.

Thank you, Liz Stefani. The wind underneath my wings.

Thank you, Avery Moore. Inspired me to do the famine in the first place.

Thanks Everyone!


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