Great Big Phony?

Many of you have probably seen the latest viral video to hit the web. It features Tampa Bay Rays Third baseman, Evan Longoria, catching a baseball that was on a line drive to a reporters face…with his bare hands! I don’t think anyone really knows if it’s real or fake. Local sports-nut, Bart, chimed in with his prediction of the videos authenticity. Here’s the video and Bart’s response  is below…

What do you think?


“Ok…this video is fake for many reasons.

Number one: No TV affiliation with the reporter. Is she from
Fox…Al-Jazeera…we don’t know.

Number two: Why is the team having batting practice in an empty stadium at
night. Oh that’s right they don’t.

Number three: This one bugs me the most. Can anyone notice the subtle
sponsorship of this vid?

Number four: Well quite frankly if a ball almost hit my head I’d do more
than just look impressed. And what was with the batter just getting ready to
swing again. You almost killed somebody…don’t be so damn relaxed.


Number five: The sad reality that people believe anyone cares about the Rays
so much they interview post workout. Not gonna happen!

So with those cold hard facts, you can rest easy and know this is a faked

Thank you.”


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