Young Mind Brings Breathe of Fresh Air to CF Patients

A potential cure for CF (Cystic Fibrosis) has been discovered by a 16 boy in Richmond hill, thus securing his sex-life throughout high school and college.

“Hey babe, wanna cure for Nophonicus? It’s a disease cured by giving me your phone number.”


But seriously, CF is a terrible disease and the fact that we’re so much closer to a cure is fascinating! Basically CF causes thick mucus (yummy) to build up in the lungs, preventing people from breathing properly.

It’s like trying to breathe threw a drinking straw your whole life…that would fuckin suck.

But the fact that there’s a possible cure for this terrible disease AND it was discovered by a 16 year old kid….Goooood lord, that’s awesome.

And also the kid’s Canadian….hahaha sukkit rest of the world!

All Marshall Zhang was doing was completing a science fair project. He wanted to test his theory of combing a couple different types of medicine to see the effect. He called a science institute that allows outside sources to use their supercomputer. The computer is called the “Canadian SCINET” but for this blog I’m going to refer to it as Dexter.

Dexter, as in the cartoon laboratory, not the serial killer that everyone is in love with…


After inputting his combination of different drugs into Dexter the scientist on the other end of the phone probably looked like this…


So needless to say Marshall blew the projects outta the water. I’d like to think that there’s some nerd out there that built a RC car out of toothpicks and thought his project was the top cheese. Then he heard that some kid in his class may have cured CF and probably got super pissed haha.

But he shouldn’t be; he goes to school with Doogie Howser.

MAJOR props to Marshall  and he’s big ass brain.

Now stop slacking and figure out why I keep forgetting that you don’t need to rewind a DVD.


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