Two Nights with Netflix

Netflix is kind of like those Tamagotchi things from back  in elementary school, everyone had one but they weren’t sure why.

I thought I’d give it shot considering everyone else had one (just like those fuckin Tamagotchi’s). Also because the promotion for my 2 months free HDTV through Eastlink ran out. The 1 month free trail ain’t bad too.

I’ve only had Netflix for a couple days but this is what I think so far…

First of all; the set up was pretty easy. Not too much information was needed to be given and I connected my account to my Xbox, computer and iPhone before my popcorn was finished popping…then again I forgot to turn on the microwave when I threw the bag in.

Am I the only one that manages to do that every once in a while?


Another thing I noticed was; even though the first month is free, it looks like you spend more of that month looking for a movie to watch than actually watching the movies…and even then I watch 3 minutes of the movie/TV show before I get bored and look for something else to watch.

Case and point: I’m watching In Brudges right now and not even 10 minutes in and I’ve already lost all interested.

The selection of movies and shows on Netflix is kind of like the selection in a local corner stores; there are only movies that are either foreign or box office flops that are trying to make a couple extra bucks off a shitty movie. I’m looking at you Martin Lawrence….no one wants to watch National Security.

You gotta wonder where they find these movies. Like Titanic 2…

What the shit? Does the ship come back or something? Is the ship pissed at everyone who just abandoned it? Is the crew and passengers all zombies now? Well…now I have to go watch Titanic 2.

Even after saying all that, you just can’t beat 8 bucks a month for unlimited viewing. So I’ll probably keep it.

Oh and one last thing I noticed; I was flipping through my “Suggested” movies and I saw that Netflix thought I’d enjoy watching the musical Rent.

Great…my Netflix thinks I’m gay.


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One response to “Two Nights with Netflix

  • danage

    Man there’s tons of great content on there and its 9 bucks a month I don’t know how you can compare it to a shitty fad, cable television costs like at leat 20 bucks a month and doesn’t interest me in the least bit yet millions of people subscribe to it must be a fad eh?

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