Stanley Cup Playoffs Part Quatro

That was a pretty sweet round. I don’t think there was one game that I wasn’t completely into the game….

Besides any game in the Boston/Philly series.

I was pretty close to calling the winners of the last series. Actually, I called the Western conference winners perfectly but the Eastern Conference is another story…

Here are the results:

Vancouver vs. Nashville

I said: Vancouver in Game 6.

What actually happened: Vancouver took in Game 6…..awwww yeah.

San Jose vs. Detroit

I said: San Jose in 7

What actually happened: San Jose won lost night over the Red Wings thus ending the band wagon for all Toronto/Ottawa fans.

Washington vs. Tampa Bay

I said: Washington in 6

What actually happened:  Those Washington fucks got swept! Which I’m pretty cool with, after all I do have Stamkos and St.Louis in my fantasy league.

Philadelphia vs. Boston

I said: Flyers in 5

What actually happened: Boston swept Philly in 4 games. Which sucks, not because I like Philly, it’s just because I hate Boston.

Now on to the next round….

Boston vs. Tampa Bay

Again, I hate Boston. Boston seems to knock out one of my favorites ever year. This year they knocked out Montreal…terrible. Go to hell Chara. Thomas is a fantastic goalie though, but I don’t think he stacks up against Tampa bay snipers (Pun intended).

Vancouver vs. San Jose

Ahhhh, now this is what I call Hockey! 2 amazing teams that both have had amazing seasons and iffy post-seasons collide to make what I call, a cluster-fuck of goals, saves, hits and Roberto Luongo crying. I think San Jose will take this…most likely in 5 games.

And for a bonus; my co-worker Bart, who (sorry to say) failed miserably at picking the last series winners, picked some more favorites for the next series. I know I said you should take his advice and pick up pro-line last time, but maybe it’d be best to spend that money on beer this time around.


East:  Tampa vs Boston
I like the solid 3 lines of Tampa mixed with the great goal tending of Dwayne Roloson to keep the Bruins away from the cup once again. I say Tampa Bay over Boston in 6.
West: San Jose vs Vancouver
Both teams had to deal with blowing 3-0 leads but the Canucks will be well rested and ready to get to the finals for the first time since 1994. Luongo needs to out duel Niemi and I think he will. Vancouver over San Jose in 6.


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