Bob Marl’s

Bob Marley…he’s the man. If there was one guy out there that represented peace and love; it’s the guy from blues clues.

But Bob Marley is a close second…

I’m jus foolin’. I hope he didn’t hear that.

I guess that’d be pretty tough considering he’s dead………I just got sad a little.

How did he die??

One sec, I’ll google it…

Ok I’m back, and I only feel worse….

Fuckin’ Wikipedia.

So Bob Marley, back in 1977, injured his toe playing football. Harmless injury right? WRONG. The guy developed a case of “malignant melanoma” (I copied and pasted that), which is just a real shitty type of cancer. From that, shit only got worse; during the Uprising tour in 1980 he only got sicker and sicker but wanted to keep going so he could finish his tour. After playing his biggest show ever (100,000 people in Milan)  he flew to New York where he played his last show ever at the Madison Square Garden. By this point his health had gotten so bad they HAD to cancel the rest of the tour and Bob flew to clinic in the Jossef Issels to take a special kind of treatment. That didn’t do shit and he accepted his fate. He was flying to Jamaica but only made it to Miami where the doctors tried to save him, but it was to late. He died May 11th 1981, he was 36. Stupid toe…

He’s last words to his son Ziggy was “Money can’t buy life.”

Well said Bobby….

Many believe Redemption Song was Bob’s way of coming to terms with his inevitable death. Here’s one of my favorite recordings of the song…

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver and gold”

-Bob Marley


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