Gash Money

There’s only one thing that’s higher than the guy that works at the local gas station, and that’s the price that’s displayed in the bright neon lights on the sign outside of that gas station.

I remember when I first started driving the price on gas was never more than a buck. Now it’s rare to see a gas station that’s charging anything south off a buck twenty five.

What’s causing these outrageous gas prices, you ask?

Fuck if I know…

but I know what not preventing them: those dumbass Facebook groups that promote the idea of not buying gas on a specific day.

Do they not realize that people will just buy gas the day before or wait until the next day, creating a surge in gas sales which spikes the price of gas even more? Instead they should suggest the idea to just walk or bike more diminishing the demand for gas which would probably be more effective on lowering gas prices.

But hey that’s just what I think.

By the way I found this pretty remote gas station off Highway 2 near Melbourne that always has some pretty low gas prices. If you’re heading through there I suggest hitting it up. It’s called Tucks Auto and you get there by going east at the main intersection in Melbourne, where Highway 2 meets Melbourne Road. Turn left onto the second dirt road and head down until you see it on your right.It’s a little out of the way but I guarantee it’s always at least 15 cents cheaper than anywhere else.

Here it is in Google Maps

And now it’s time for a-couple-a-updates…

CSI: Wingham: (

The smell has dissipated so I’m guessing there wasn’t a dead body and one of my neighbours forgot to take out the trash a couple of times. Either that or the dog from the apartment downstairs took a shit in the basement.

My Car Repair (Referred to in:

Got my car back and returned the rental (don’t ever drive a Pontiac G5; it’s not as fly as the G6). Check out the after shot…



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