Excuse me Sir

I always find it funny when you’re riding in an elevator and it’s almost at your floor, and as soon as those doors open you find yourself trapped. I’m not talking about when the elevator is jammed and you’re actually trapped.

Cause that would fuckin suck…

No I mean as you reach your floor and as you try and step out there’s someone blocking your way out. They’re so impatience (or their just stupid) that they’ll try and run in as you’re trying to get out.

As if they don’t understand physics

“I’m standing where you need to be! I have to leave the space you’re trying to occupy before you can shove your fat ass in it!”

(Prepare for Segue)

This little situation reminded me of some stories of equally as ignorant people that I came across on the interwebz.

Some people feel so connected with their home that they absolutely refuse to leave or sell, no matter the price.

Check out some of these situations where people refuse to “fuck off”:

Some old lady in Seattle named Edith Macefield wouldn’t take an offer of over a million dollars to this 5-story mall. Even though, since then the woman passed away the mall didn’t bother tearing down the house because…well, why bother now?

This Chinese family wouldn’t sell their home for over 15 times it’s worth simply because they “Enjoyed the small town feel.” So much for that…

This is by far the most ignorant people I’ve ever seen. The Wu family refused several offers from the construction company which went as high as 2 million. Instead the company played rough and cut of the power to the home, oh….and dug a 10 meter abyss around the home.

Moral of the Story:

“Move Bitch, get out da way!”



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