Osama got Obama’d

First of all, props to the Conservative Party for finally gripping that majority. I think it’s mostly do to the fact Michael Ignatieff looks like a super villain..



So Bin Laden was killed.

Now what?

It’s a huge accomplishment for the Obama government (as well as the marine team that took him out), but I just can’t help but wondering “Now What?”

This is something I asked some of the more intelligent people in life yesterday, this is some of the responses I received…

(Names have been changed to protect their true identity)

“Since Osama is killed, the terrorists have one less person in there ‘intelligence’. He’s probably one of there more knowledgeable ‘intelligence’ people on US defense.”

– John J. Johnson

“I think Obama knew where he was and has been sitting on it to pull it off at the perfect time. Think about it; they kill Osama just as the US election campaign begins?”
– Ben Dover

“Poor George Bush.”
– Rusty Shackleford

“Death by sea? Shit, my money was on frozen in Carbonite.”
– Phil McCracken

So in the end that’s just one more thing the US can knock off their bucket list, now they can just worry about the 50,000+ other terrorists out there.

I’d like to finish this blog with a joke that I wasn’t sure If I should ever utter out loud…

Who do you think would win in a game of hide and seek?

Anne Frank or Osama Bin Laden?


I’m definitely going to hell.


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