Election Erection

Today is a newscaster’s wet dream. Think about it, Osama Bin Laden gets killed the day before the Canadian Election? Not to mention Detroitis on their way to being swept (trolol).

I had to decide what to talk about today and what I’d save for tomorrow…considering there’s not much else going on in my life, I have to be sparing with talk topics.

So the Canadian Election…it’s today.

Did you Vote, mofo?

I voted on my lunch and I still had a shit load of time left over to cook up my bagel bites. This was mainly because I was the only one voting at that time, which was odd cause it was in the noon hour and that’s when I figured most people would vote. This is probably caused by one of two things.

One; the fact that this is the third forced election in what? 3-4 years? Which has a ripple effect on voter turn-out if they’re thinking “wtf does it matter if I vote now if there’s going to be another election in another 10 months?”

Two; I live in a town with a population less than the number of people that went to my high school. So that might be why no one was there, cause there’s no one TO be there.

Either way, I got my vote in. Which was a bitch cause I had to switch all my info from my old address to my new place here in Wingham at the last minute. Non-the-less I got’r done.

This was probably the one election I actually bothered to look at the candidates’ platforms before making an “educated” decision on whom I was going to vote for.

And I will say that I voted Conservative (Sorry, Candice).

And Riley…

It wasn’t an easy decision but I had to base it off what had personally effected me. The government recently paid for my move up here to Wingham ($1000) and also paid for my Wisdom Teeth last November ($1,500).

In my books when someone gives you that much money that you were desperate for….you fuckin’ vote for them.

Take Note, Ignatieff.


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One response to “Election Erection

  • Candice

    People should take each election as an opportunity for CHANGE, regardless of when the last election was. Using the excuse of not voting because there will potentially be another election in ten months or because there was one ten months ago is just stupid. You should vote in every election if you care about what is happening right now.

    I don’t think your wisdom teeth being paid for is directly an outcome of the Harper government. You could have received the same amount of support regardless of which party was in power..

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