The Royal Who-Gives-A-Rats-Ass?

Another week, another mention to that stupid Rebecca Black song…

Although the fame of that handicapped girl seems to be fading (thank hey-zeus) another event has been rocking the internet.

No, it’s not…although that’d be nice.

It’s the Royal Wedding. Now I was under the impression that it was late night tonight but APPARENTLY it was last night or rather early this morning. When I thought it was late Friday night I figured I’d watch a bit if I was up that late, considering it was at 4AM.  ONLY because that’s usually how late I stay up on a Friday anyway (Playing COD: Black ops) When I realized it was on that late on a weekday and people actually stayed up that late (or woke up that early) just to watch the Wedding, I thought to myself….Why?

Don’t you realize that it’s going to be played over and over again for the next couple years? It’s like Much Music after the MMVA’s aired, but much worse.

I get that this is a significant moment in England’s history, but do we really need to go through that effort to view it Live? I mean do you feel as if you’re apart of it, sitting there in your Superman Pj’s?


Everyone doesn’t wear Superman PJ’s?

Dammit Mom, you lied!


Aside from all that, a personnal “Props” goes out to Kate Middleton. You are actually becoming a Princess. WTF? I’m assuming every girl out there at one point wants to be Princess (either that or a Stripper), Amirite? So Bravo Kate.

And what about Harry? The younger brother? No one cares about what broad marries him cause he ain’t gonna be King haha. Too Bad Brother!

My point is; Kate Middleton is a fox. Well done William.

Poor Harry.


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