Stanley Cup Playoffs Part Tres

You mind as well Call Me Now because when it came to the first round picks of these Playoffs, I’m Miss. Cleo!

For those of you that read my Playoff post from before the First Round began, you’ll notice a similarity in what actually happened. Quickly I’m going to go through my predictions and how accurate it was…

Washington vs. New York

What I thought: Washington takes it in 6.

What actually happened: Washington took it 6….BAM

Philadelphia vs. Buffalo

What I thought: Thought it would go to Game 7, didn’t know who’d take it.

What actually happened: Did go to Game 7, Philly took it. So I was kinda right.

Montreal vs. Boston

What I thought: Motreal would take it in 7.

What actually happened: Did go to game 7, but Boston ended up taking it….Shit.

Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh

What I thought: Pens going down in 7.

What actually happened: Pens went down in 7. HAHA, I should have made a bet on Pro-Line.

Vancouver vs. Chicago

What I thought:  Vancouver takes it in 5

What actually happened: Vancouver did take it, barely, in 7.
San Jose vs. Los Angeles

What I thought: San Jose in 4

What actually happened: San Jose took it in game 6. A little off there.
Red Wings vs. Phoenix

What I thought:  If MacDonald started for Detroit then it would go to game 5 or 6 but Red Wings would take it.

What actually happened: MacDonald didn’t start and Detroit swept Phoenix in 4 games, I was pretty much right….right?

Anaheim vs. Nashville
What I thought: Anaheim takes it in 7.

What actually happened: Did go to game 7 but Nashville took it.

So if I was being graded on this like if it was a test in high school, I would have failed, because I would have probably skipped that class. But its not High school and I’ve smarten up so I think I’ll give myself an A+…cause I can, Mofo.

Now for the second Round, here are my predictions (write it down this time dumbass you can make some money).

Vancouver vs. Nashville

After the first round I noticed Luongo was shaky as shit so depending on well he plays will be the deciding factor in this series. But ultimately I think Vancouver will take it in 6.
San Jose vs. Detroit

San Jose had their work cut out for them while playing the LA Kings (who say that coming?) but that also means that they’ve had some good practice leading up to the second round. Now you can’t deny Detroit being a powerhouse in the NHL, BUT, they had an relatively easy first round with Phoenix and a decent amount of time off so they might be more out of shape then San Jose. But than again they’re old, so maybe the rest did them some good. This will be a tight series but I HOPE that San Jose takes it in Game 7.

Washington vs. Tampa Bay

This will be the series to watch in the second round for sure. Tampa is hot as shit right now and Washington played very “meh” against New York. I think it’s going to be very close but in the end I think Washington will take it in 6, 7 tops.

Philly vs. Boston

Fuck Boston, go Philly. The Flyers take it in 5.

There it is. That’s how the second round is going to go. Now go make some bets. Just don’t be busting my knee caps if I’m wrong.


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