Jesus sent you a Friend Request

I never really understood Twitter. I mean I get the idea, so I should say I never really got into Twitter. In my eyes, it’s as pointless as a circle.

But apparently there’s someone out there that thinks that Twitter is the bee’s knees…

That’s right, Jesus is supposedly a big fan of Social Networking.

A prominent Christian evangelist in the states released the prophecy to the guy on ABC’s “This Week” stating that the second-coming of Jesus will be broadcasted in Social Networks. It’s like this; you know how in the bible it says “Every eye is going to witness the second-coming of Jesus.”?

Of course you do.

Everyone reads the Bible.


Well apparently this pretty prestigious churchy dude thinks that Social Media is the only place in modern society that everyone has access to.
I have a feeling that if the second coming of Jesus was on Twitter or Facebook that Hey-Zeus would probably do it a little bit more subtly than a huge announcement. He could make an account and post his status something like “You rang?” or “GUESS WHOSE BACK LOL”.


Remember this?

This happened to me on my birthday a couple weeks back and after the hassle of all the info, reports, claims, and phone calls I had to deal with the final outcome of the investigation is in…

The Winner is….


I get the whole repair covered, my deductible isn’t going to be touched (same with my rates) and on top of all that; I get a rental car while the repairs are being done. Ahhhhhhh yeah.

Cam Chase Bitches.


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