Time to Poke Smot

Happy 4:20 Everyone.

Tis the season to pop on some Bob Marl’s and kiss the sky.

I spent a bit of this morning discussing 4/20 with a stoner co-worker and had an argument over what was the origin. I was under the impression that the day had something to do Bob Marley’s birthday or death, I wasn’t sure. He was hell-bent on proving it had something to do with the Grateful Dead.
One of the advantages of living in this day and age is that Google/Wikipedia solves every dispute. I mean, has anyone every said “No, Google is wrong!”

That’s just crazy.

Anyways back to the story…we Googled “4:20 and” discovered we were both wrong.

Apparently the origin spawns back to 1971 and a group of teenagers, who had a pretty badass name…

The Waldos.

It looks like they had a plan to seek out a crop of buds somewhere that may or may not have existed. The group met everyday at a statue of Louis Pasteur, at 4:20. They dibbed the plan “Louis 4:20” but as time went on the title was shorten to just “4/20”.

They never did find those buds…never. It’s kinda sad, but today isn’t a day to be low.

It’s a day to be High.

“Everyone does it”


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