Fuck you, I’m 10

Yo. Teen drinking is very bad…

I got a fake I.D. though.

Has anyone noticed the lack in PSA’s on teen drinking from the 90’s? I watched a lot of television over the past decade and I would say the “man” wants us to be more worried about smoking dope or getting knocked up than drinking at a young age. Why they care less about youth alcohol more so then the all mighty bud, I’ll never understand.


I remember accidently drinking vodka when I confused it for water when I was 10. How did I make that mistake? Well cause it was IN a water bottle IN a cooler. My aunt just wanted to get smashed on a hike tour and not get caught by those park rangers.

Now I’m actually going somewhere with this…

Apparently there was a waitress at a Chili’s in Chicago who mistaken a Mudslide, which is an alcoholic drink for a chocolate sundae, which is delicious sugary treat (but you knew that). So when a poor little 10-year old girl named “Brooklyn” wanted a sundae she instead got a nasty hangover. The girl was all like “Ma, WTF is with this shit.” and the mom was like “why the shit is my baby girl talking like this?” (I’m assuming their black, no particular reason).

After the realization at what had happened the cops were called and little Brooklyn was sent to the hospital after she dozed off. Hopefully she’s alright though. Someone should keep an eye on her though, drinking at a young age is the first step towards pop star success.

You never know who she could grow up to be…


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