I’m not your Buddy, Friend.

This past weekend my pops came by for a visit and we watch (in my opinion) the best action flick of all time, True Lies. True Lies came out way back in 1994 but has got to be the most amazing action movies out there. Not only is it my favorite action flick but it’s also up there in my favorite comedies. Tom Arnold made for the perfect sidekick to Schwarzenegger. This would probably be the only movie Tom Arnold was funny in and probably the only movie I could stand him in.

When I was watching this movie I started to think of all the legendary police movies that involve buddy cop relationships.


I made a list of some of my favorite buddy cop partnerships.

Rush Hour (1998)

Can anyone even name another movie Chris Tucker was in? Besides Fifth Element, and I fuckin hated him in that movie. So I should rephrase…Can anyone name another movie Chris Tucker was relatively funny in? I enjoyed all three movies in the Rush Hour trilogy. The third Rush Hour was a little rough up until this part, which made the movie hilarious.

Collision Course (1989)

Did you know Jay Leno and Pat Morita was in a buddy cop movie? You’re not alone. When I learned of this movie it was literally less than 2 hours before I had it fully uploaded to my computer. By the way, this is a terrible movie but this is a list of best buddy cop relationships not best buddy cop movies. You know what though, it’s funnier now in retrospect than it probably was back in 1989 so I suggest you try watching yourself.

Hot Fuzz (2007)

The follow-up to the legendary zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead was probably one of the best action spoofs ever made. This movie was so OVER-actiony it mind as well been a prequel to The Expendables. Kudos to Simon Pegg and his rare sense of comedy, it never fails to amaze me.

More to come…


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