NHL Playoffs Part Dos

I didn’t get a chance to post my picks for the Eastern Conference yesterday cause it was my birthday and on top of the usual bday celebrations; I had a little run in with a female driver. I’m not saying that all women are bad drivers, just the ones that decide stopping in the middle of the road and backing up without checking behind them to “talk to their friend who was on the sidewalk”….those women drivers aren’t very safe to travel amongst.

Happy Birthday to me!

Ok now on to the Playoffs…

Now I’ve made my picks for the Western Conference and now here are my picks for the East:

Washington Capitals (1) vs. New York Rangers (8)

The Rangers won 3 of the 4 games they played against Washington this season, but that doesn’t mean shit now. Considering the first loss Washington had against New York back in October is when Mike Green suffered his initial injury from Rangers Derek Stepan, this series is now in Washington’s favor. I say Washington takes in 6.

Philadelphia Flyers (2) vs. Buffalo Sabres (7)

When it came to my Fantasy League, I didn’t want to touch any players on either of these teams because I have no idea who will win. The Flyers are definitely favored to win the series, but I dunnnno. When these to teams played each other during the season they both won 2 of the 4 games. I mean the flyers have been limping in the past month and they don’t have that big mofo Pronger to back them up so they definitely have a disadvantage. If Buffalo can capitalize they can take this series. I say this series has a chance of making it to game 7, but who will take it? Fuck if I know…

Boston Bruins (3) vs. Montreal Candiens (6)

This series is definitely not one to miss, I mean the French Debate was moved so that people won’t miss it to watch Montreal play, god damn those Quebecois have their shit in order. The Candiens have got to be still pissed about that hit on Max Pacioretty, so they definitely have some fire behind them. With Thomas in net and Chara at the blue line, you can’t deny Boston has some major man power. However, I’m going for the upset. Montreal will take in game 7.

Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Tampa Bay Lighting (5)

OHHHH BABY, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops: “Pens going down in 7!” and that’s exactly what I think. This is going to be the series that catches my attention the most (considering my Fantasy Team has Stamkos and St.Louis) and even though the Pens don’t have their 2 star players (Crosby and Malkin) it most likely is still going to be a high scoring series. Fuck man this is going to be tight, and that’s what I said. Like I said earlier, Tampa is going to take it in Game 7.

So those are my picks but also I promised my picks for the hockey pool I took part in on Monday so here it is. I’m actually going to be in another pool tonight with A LOT more people so I think will post that team as well tomorrow but it probably won’t be something to exciting to look at.



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