The Big Let-down

After about a million people criticized me for not watching The Big Lebowski I finally got around to watching it.

And boy was I let down….

Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t terrible.

I mean it wasn’t anything like this…

Or This….

But I just kept thinking, ok something has to happen soon. Nothing ever did. There wasn’t even a shot fired in the entire movie and John Goodman’s on the cover holding a glock. I mean where was the climax? (That’s what she said)

I just found there were so many things that were left hanging. They should have tied up some loose ends…



What was the point of this character?







Did she stay with him?









Did the “Dude” ever get his rug?


What about this guy? What happened to him? Why’d he draw that picture while on the phone?

And this guy? Did he ever get his ass kicked? How come John Goodman’s character pulled a gun on his buddy for marking an “8” but not this douche?

So Confusing…

Maybe it was just hyped up to much by everyone who suggested it. It was definitely a let down.


It’s like when your mom said to you when you were young “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.” That’s how I feel about anyone who told me to watch that movie…



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