Slutwalk 2011

Slutwalk eh? Sounds like a party….

Quite the contrary.

“Slutwalk” is, for some reason, the best way for the girls/women of Toronto to prove that they can dress however they want without drawing attention from sexual predators.

I’m sorry but this is stupid.

Saying that dressing “Slutty” shouldn’t make you a target for sexual assault is like me walking around Toronto with

a wad of money hanging outta my pocket and saying that I should be a target for pick pocketing.

One girl went as far as saying “If I want to go out with a skirt and no underwear, I shouldn’t be a target.”

Saaaayyyyy What?

Silly girls, tricks are for kids.

Kids that don’t know better. Kids that are taught being “Slutty” is ok. That there’s nothing wrong with being a whore. Do you really think teaching the youth to dress like a ho-bag is going to solve teen pregnancy? Or just make it worse?

This is a terrible idea and should be reconsidered by the people in charge.
This all spawned from when a police officer went to speak at York University and was quoted saying “Dressing like a slut will make you a target for sexual assault…” And although I don’t agree with the way he may have stated that, I do feel that is somewhat common sense.

Besides, do you really think you’re going to teach Male Officers a lesson by having 1500 half nakkid women “prancing” around DT Toronto? Sure, that’ll make them sorry….REEEAAAL sorry.

I don’t want to be the guy that tells girls to “cover-it-up” but I will be the guy that says “Damn Grrrrrrrl, you looking fine”

and you can take that for what it is….




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