Oh Ozzy

Remember when Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off that bat?

Me neither….

Cause I wasn’t born yet.

Regardless if you were around to witness it, it happened.

Interesting side note: Ozzy thought it was a fake bat the stage hands were throwing to him, so he went to bite the head off when he realized “Oh shit, was that a real fuckin’ bat? Oh well, Ima roll with it”

The days of “Hardcore” Ozzy are long gone, but these days he’s becoming more and more like a pansy. Today a news release from Ozzy stated that he’ll be in a Episode of the Kids TV show “Fish Hooks” as a voice for an Earth Troll.

In the episode, due to air April 9th on the Disney channel, he teaches the protagonist of the show the importance of Recycling. WTF. Seriously Ozzy? Do something fucking crazy already! Other than encouraging your half-retarded daughter to have a music career.


It’s becoming more and more common for heroes of generations past to completely sell out. I’ll be talking further on this subject later. So stay tuned…


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