Have you guys ever looked at your school/work load and looked like the guy below? 


Well Cam knows how you feel. I’ve got the answer to all of life’s problems. I will reveal this to you right after this message from our sponsors….



Ok and we’re back…
So now on to the answer to keeping yourself in check when frustrated as hell.
When life gets you down and you think there’s no end.
there’s much less fortunate people out there right now.
Not too far away from us.
Please consider them every time you think your life is shit.
Think of what they going through right now…

Not making it to the playoffs and all 😦


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Hey I'm Cameron and I hate Ketchup, obviously. I also like to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and rap. I'm from Calgary but lived in Ontario for the most of my life. I now live in a little town called Wingham, oh you haven't heard of Wingham? Strange. Aaaaanyways, enough about me. Go read my shit. View all posts by cameronchase420

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